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Add On Services

Book Cover Copy Polishing
Do not miss the opportunity of betterment. Get your book cover copy polished by specialists. Title to color-theme – team of experts will research to prescribe you the damn best.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

The Editorial team is always at their toes to serve you with the services like Copy-editing, proofreading, partial rewriting and content upgrade.

T-shirt with Book-Cover

Get International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for your book. Do not miss to get identified uniquely, internationally.
Book Marketing & Distribution
Get your book distributed and marketed properly. Without strategic marketing plan, even selling peanuts are tough.
Illustration for poetry, stories, character drawing, comic book illustration – name it, we do it. Get the best artists in the market to draw images for you.
Book Formatting
Interior Designing and beautification for professional Look & Feel is a must for any professional book. It should be a good combination of science and tradition.

Typesetting & Typing
We can do the Physical to Digital conversion of your manuscript, DTP. Share your handwritten manuscript with us. We will take care of it and deliver you the digital version.
Website Designing for the book
Website Designing is one of our strengths. We are not only good with contents, but design and technicalities too. Get stunning websites with custom designs covering different budgets and needs.
Audio book
Get wav/mp3 version of your book. Be it poetry or short story, you can try our samples and chose the one you like the most. We can publish CD/DVD out of your content.
Video Book Trailer
Create buzz & become bestseller!
We can create 30 seconds to 5 minute video book trailer! They are cool, infectious and the latest trend. Stand out of the crowed and promote uniquely.
International Book Distribution
Get your book available internationally in US, Australia, Canada, UK & Europe to the thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, e-commerce companies, and other networks.
Colored Business card
Get more attention – Promote your book with business card showcasing the book cover. There is no better alternative while you want to share your book details with a reader.
Colored Poster
Get your color poster with book cover blow-up available for promotion. Unique design and list of available partners will make your book more noticeable.
Copyright Registration
We can take care of the Copyright Registration for your book. In case of plagiarism or any kind of content theft, this will help you to win compensation in the legal battles