Regular Editorial Service – Basic Proofreading


Basic Proofreading.

A single round of editorial service covering:

• Spelling and typo correction

• Punctuation corrections

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Editorial Services provided by 24by7 Publishing is a special kind of professional services provided to authors and related clients where the end goal is nurturing, correcting, organizing and uplifting the overall quality of the input content received, and delivering a more consistent, accurate, correct, complete and readable output content.

Minimum order: INR 4000.00 (India) or $ 200.00 (outside India)

Price per page (325 words)

Basic Proofreading

A single round of editorial service covering:

  • Spelling and typo correction
  • Punctuation corrections


The pricing is for 1 page = maximum of 325 words. Minimum order INR 4000.00 (India) or $ 200.00 (outside India). GST will be applied on top of the final amount. All the services are a collaborative effort between the author and the editing team and the final manuscript would be the result of a consensus between both parties. These are applicable to all the proof-reading and/or editing services.


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