The Power Of Self Brainwash by Santu Roy


The Power of Self Brainwash shows the fastest way to uplift yourself and vibrate positive energy manifesting joy, peace, and material reality.

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The Power of Self Brainwash: Ascension into the Fifth Dimension Life
Book description:
The Power of Self Brainwash: Ascension into the Fifth Dimension Life
The Power of Self Brainwash shows how everyday habits empowering affirmations to aid your body, mind, soul in relieving karmic and negative blockages to elevate your positive vibration.
Now, you discover the 7 keys to work with your mind and body to clear its false beliefs and worries. The Power of Self Brainwash helps you release, rebalance, and realign yourself towards a fifth-dimension life and synchronicity.
7 keys to  ultimate joy
1. The reason you are on this planet as an individual self 2. How to Live in harmony with Others 3. How to embrace yourself, with self-expression, expansion, playfulness and become generous 4. How to create, carry out, execute, and expand your true presence to the world 5. How to grow through challenges and accept material changes as the reality 6. How to connect with your higher-self with sincere unconditional love 7. You embrace an intellectual, philosophical, pleasant spiritual, and divine journey
Although the journey is challenging, The Power of Self Brainwash shows simple and easy habits to guide you.
You master how to:
Self-help, Relieve Negative Emotion, Ego, and Temperament, Improve relationships, Self-healing, Self-development, Improve Health, Wealth, Weight management, Depression Management, and bring in more joy.
This book includes a complete one-day life transformation guide.
Morning rituals, and how to self-brainwash. Brain’s hidden treasures. A pleasant morning and a balanced breakfast. Self-care. Self-healing. Eat well. Stay focused. Stay productive. A balanced lunch. A blissful evening and a balanced dinner. Love and relationships. Relaxation. How to love yourself. What is your purpose on this planet? How to sleep like a baby. How to bring Divine Guidance
Your bonus, the basics of 1. Astrology 2. Numerology 3. Face reading to identify and improve your relationships.
The author went through painful and distressing days, months, years navigating a suspense life story discovering highest-self
and the purpose of his existence on this planet.
His own experiences plotted in this book shows how to achieve the fifth-dimension consciousness: You, Your Soul, Spiritual Awakening, Divine Openings and Synchronicity.
His discoveries, experiences help you, regain your inner peace, harmony, joy, and a fulfilled life through self-brainwash and day-to-day habits.

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